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bulletStressFlow Concept Description
bullet1 Introduction to Stressflow
bullet2 Background Leading to StressFlow
bullet3 Goals of StressFlow
bullet4 StressFlow Software Design View
bullet4.1 Basic Structure of StressFlow Atom
bullet4.2 Methods of Compiler Implementation
bullet4.3 Basic Programming Example
bullet4.4 Construct for Interfacing with Legacy Code
bullet4.5 Object-Oriented Example
bullet4.6 Competing for Resources
bullet4.7 Optimization of Parallelism in StressFlow
bullet4.8 Advanced Connecting of StressFlow Atoms
bullet4.9 Merging StressFlow Atom Paths
bullet4.10 Emulation of Electrical Systems
bullet4.11 Ordered StressFlow Calls
bullet4.12 Last-Only StressFlow Calls
bullet4.13 Group Inputs and Default Path
bullet4.14 Complex, Dynamically Created and Modified Software Systems
bullet4.15 Comparison to Prior Art DataFlow Tools
bullet4.16 Application in Redundant Software Design
bullet4.17 Application in Visual Programming
bullet5 Implementation Issues
bullet5.1 Stack Use, Automatic Stack and Deallocation
bullet5.2 Inner Workings of Implementation
bullet5.3 Implementation in Microprocessors
bullet5.4 Application in Parallel Architectures
bullet5.5 Application in Virtual Parallel Platforms
bullet6 StressFlow Electronic Architecture View
bullet6.1 Electronic Architecture Node Model
bullet6.2 Assembly Instruction Model
bullet6.3 Lock Constructs
bullet6.4 Shared Memory Systems
bullet6.5 Distributed Memory Systems
bullet6.6 Virtual Parallel Platforms
bullet6.7 Application in Operating Systems
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bulletTable of Contents Page
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